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"The performance was absolutely engaging in every way! The ladies dressed and sang so beautifully, the audience was entertained up to the last minute!"

-Becki Sims, Williamsburg Landing

"I think The Sweethearts do not know anything else than to be friendly, sociable, and ladylike. They are always where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. I believe this demonstrates how professional The Sweethearts are."

-Howard Dolan, Living History Cruises

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AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS, contact Ron and Melissa

at EPIC Arts Management

"America's Sweethearts, Carly, Annemarie and Kristen put on a fabulous show for us in Athol, MA in April 2017. They sang their hearts out to a "senior" audience of nearly 400 people who found themselves transported through the music back to the 1940s. Numerous people said the concert brought back "so many memories". I think it is wonderful that the Sweethearts are able to recreate the songs of that era - and the look - so incredibly well! The girls are just lovely, the singing is first class, and the show is just so much fun! Great family entertainment and perfect for the "senior set"."


-Cindy Hartwell, Athol, MA

Upcoming Performances

Polk State College

The Line Up, with Susan Mosher


Birdland, NYC

Hinman Auditorium

ROTC Fundraiser


Solivita, FL


Aventura, FL


Holly Springs, NC

Sharon Playhouse


Sharon, CT

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